Our vision is to concentrate on the basics, to reach the heart of Thailand’s fragrances and taste, our food isn’t indulgent ‘Royal Thai’ cuisine. It’s simple, fresh, tasty Thai food based on everyday street food, cooked fresh to order.

We work tirelessly to bring you a menu of delicious dishes combining old family recipes with new modern ideas.

Our concept stems from the belief that Thai food should not be a fussy, once-in-a-blue-moon dining experience, but a quick, easy, and healthy option that can be enjoyed every day.

Our diverse and wholesome menu offers a variety of delicious, noodles and rice dishes, curries and stir-fry’s. We also bring you our speciality ‘The Bangkok Soup Bowl’ a clear broth, filled to the brim with veg, meat, rice or noodles, for a healthy option.

We take pride in serving the best of ingredients and are committed to delivering good, flavoursome and honest food.